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Oxford Minibus Hire 

Notably one of the largest cities in the UK, Oxford is a haven full of great things to do and beautiful places to visit. It’s also voted as one of the cities in England with great ethnical diversity, which means you are bound to meet different kinds of personalities on the way. Here is how you can make the most of this lovely city and go back home with nostalgic memories. 
What you need is a convenient minibus hire with driver in oxford to get you and your company around the city. We as Oxford minibus Hire Company want to give you a deal of a lifetime with any of our Ford Transit or Volvos.
Things to Do in Oxford  
The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin 
For the lovers of medieval edifices, the church of St. Mary the Virgin is a sight to behold. You will locate it on the northern part of Oxford’s high street busking in its glorious stature, which it has maintained since the medieval days. This parish church was the reason behind the formation of the University of Oxford, and also the inspiration of the strict governance and excellence the university came to be known for. Today, the Church of St. Mary the Virgin is known for hosting some of the best plays, concerts and events in town. 
The Modern Art in Oxford 
Art thrives in the city as well and the Modern Art Oxford is where you will get the finest in contemporary paintings. This museum doubles up as an art exhibition centre, frequently showcasing talent from international and local contemporary artists. Also within the city is a stylish coffee house with great ambience, aromatic beverages and the friendliest staff ready to serve you. 
The Headington Shark 
We all know that sharks thrive in the deep waters only and once a while come ashore to prey. But what if sharks could exist on top of roofs and jute out from houses? That is one way of interpreting the Heading Shark sculpture that was designed by the great 19th century artist John Buckley. The shark sculpture is as pristine as the shark house itself where you can get to hang out and learn some history or view at the marvellous architecture of the edifice. You can take a souvenir picture right next to the oversized shark so everyone can know you visited the Headington Shark in Oxford. 
The Bernwood Forest 
At least this serene forest will give you a different taste of what the city has to offer. When you need that break from viewing monuments or marvelling at art, you can travel to the forest with your family to reconnect with nature. The Bernwood Forest is known for one amazing detail; the many species of butterfly that have called this forest home for decades. The green and brown forest streets offer the perfect background from which the butterfly colours stand out, as they gloriously fly about. 
Events in Oxford  
A Spring Evening of Music and Harmony, the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford (23rd April 2016) 
The Spring Open House (Free Photo Viewing and Art Activities for all Ages), Downtown Square, Oxford ( 19th March 2016) 
Keith Lee Morris (Feat Travellers Rest), Off Square Brooks, Oxford (24th March 2106) 
The Towersey Festival, Thame, Oxfordshire (26th August 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
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